Déjà Vécu. Already Lived (Lo ya vivido)
February 2024

Published on the occasion of the CA2M museum solo exhibition by artist Asunción Molinos Gordo curated by Andrea Pacheco González ‘Déjà Vécu. Already Lived’ features photographs of the art installations, most of them made especially for this exhibition, texts written by the curator and guest authors and a final section showing parts of the research and development for each piece.

Published by: CA2M Museum
Texts by: Andrea Pacheco González, Daniel Gil-Benumeya, Anouar Majid, Gabriela Wiener and Asunción Molinos Gordo.
Hard cover, 288 pages, 220 x 280 mm
Languages: Bilingual (Spanish and English)

Typeset in Marist, a typeface inspired by other fonts from the Old Style that have been reinterpreted in different times in history (Jenson and Golden). Besides its characteristic wide upper case proportions, prominent serifs and high legibility it felt appropriate to choose a contemporary revision of a typeface from the past. 

Photos by Laura San Segundo

Clara Sancho Studio © 2024
Madrid, Spain